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Oncology Massage

Explaining the Benefits of Oncology Massage:
Massage can be one of the most relaxing, beneficial and restorative processes, but
when going through cancer treatment it can be difficult to find a salon that caters for
your specific needs. Oncology massage therapy aims to provide a safe,
comfortable and non-invasive salon treatment, whilst offering you all the benefits of a
good massage.


What is an oncology massage?
As a general treatment, massage can be one of the most relaxing and restorative
methods of beauty therapy, and it boasts a variety of benefits. Following cancer
diagnosis, however, it can be much more difficult to find a therapist that caters for
patients’ specific needs. During cancer treatment, a patient needs to feel taken care
of more than ever – and at EL Beauty Therapy we believe that absolutely everyone
deserves the right to a brilliant salon experience, and to feel pampered and beautiful.
That’s why we offer oncology massage! Our primary goal with this is to provide a
safe and comfortable environment where a patient doesn’t feel pressured or on
display – they can simply relax and let us take care of them. Oncology massage is a
relaxing, soothing and gentle touch sensation that can help to relax and unwind the
person we’re treating, no matter what stage of their treatment they’re at.

What is oncology massage designed to do?
The main goal of oncology massage is to help a cancer patient feel as comfortable
as possible, giving them a safe environment in which we help them to relax and
reduce symptoms.
Oncology massage can be used to treat cancer symptoms such as pain, nausea and
mood issues, but also to ease symptoms of cancer treatment that commonly cause
considerable discomfort. Oncology massage is also often used as part of palliative
care, and many hospitals and healthcare professionals either offer it or recommend it
as a useful treatment to support patient wellbeing.

The short term benefits of oncology massage:
In the first instance, oncology massage can have a psychological impact, as it can
be deeply relaxing and de-stressing for the patient. This could include reduced
stress, anxiety and depression. However it can also have short term physical
benefits such as:

• Reduction of pain, perception of pain and nausea, both during and immediately after treatment.

• An immediate lowering of pulse rates and respiratory rate immediately post-treatment.

• Decreased fatigue.

• An improvement in mood resulting in lowered anxiety, depression, stress

What’s also important for us at EL Beauty Therapy is to help patients feel pampered
and taken care of. They deserve to feel beautiful, and to have a great salon
experience, just as much as someone who isn’t going through cancer treatment. We
aim to help them receive just that, in an environment that’s safe and private.

The long term benefits of oncology massage:
As well as boasting many short term benefits that can support a patient immediately
post-treatment, oncology massage can also have more long term, lasting effects.

These can range from:

• An overall reduction in depression, anxiety and hostility.

• Increased levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body.

• Reduced disturbances in mood.

We recommend multiple courses of oncology massage to maximise these benefits.
Oncology massage can be seen as an ongoing treatment to support and supplement medical treatment.


If you’d like to learn more about oncology massage and it’s benefits, as well as what to expect when you book an appointment, please feel free to get in touch with us via email through hello@elbeauty.co.uk.

what our lovely clients had to say...
‘I was kindly gifted an Oncology facial which I received off Emma, and it was absolutely amazing. From the first contact with Emma to arrange the appointment and introduce herself, I was put at ease. I also can’t explain just how fantastic I felt afterwards. I felt like I had been reset after a hard few weeks of hospital appointments. I’m looking forward now to seeing Emma monthly.’
Joanne ,
‘Emma is super professional and sensitive to any concerns, making sure I felt calm and relaxed throughout. I would highly recommend EL Beauty & Therapy!’
Davina ,
‘Lovely massage, very caring understanding lady, who cares about your physical and mental wellbeing. Looked after my Mum following cancer treatment amazingly. I enjoyed a full body massage in lovely surrounds. Would highly recommend.’
Gill ,
‘Emma did a complementary full body massage for me, it was the greatest thing that happened to me this year. If it wasn’t for the distance I would be definitely coming back more often. Highly Recommended’
Kasia ,
‘Emma came to my rescue when I was feeling low. I feel completely relaxed during the facial and back massage. Emma is caring and creates a safe space for her clients which is greatly appreciated. Thank you.’
Jacqueline ,
‘Emma always makes me feel like a million dollars no matter what treatment I’m having. The Decleor is one of my favourites. Emma explains what she is doing throughout your treatment and always recommends the best treatments which will give you the best results. I always look forward to my appointments whether I’m having my eyebrows done or a Facial. I would highly recommend Emma.’
Tammy ,
‘I had a complimentary Oncology facial with Emma and it was amazing! The whole experience was relaxing and luxurious. My skin was beautiful after. Emma is the kindest and most loveliest beauty therapist I have ever been to. Would highly recommend her for any treatment.’
Kelly ,
‘I had a Jennifer Young massage from Emma, this form of specifically for cancer patients., it is very difficult for cancer patients to get a massage, so I was so happy to find someone within travelling distance that was qualified to do this. I have Neuroendocrine Cancer.
It was wonderful, I had the full body massage and walked out of there feeling great. Emma is lovely, very gentle her hands and very empathetic, I will definitely be going back. Thank you Emma.’
Kath ,
‘I’ve used Emma for years and she is my absolute go to! The treatments are all fabulous and Emma’s massages are a must have! I always look forward to visiting, the salon is beautiful- spotlessly clean and so relaxing. I’ve recommended Emma to all of my friends- she is the best!’
Kate ,
‘I can 100% recommend Emma, I recently has a facial and it was divine! My skin is glowing and it was such a relaxing experience too. She is amazing!’
Julie ,
‘Emma is truly amazing at anything beauty and I wouldn’t ever want to go anywhere else. I always leave feeling amazing and excited for my next treatment. After following Emma’s advise and having recommended treatments my skin has never been better-I’ve suffered with spots and Mila’s all my life and I can now walk out my house happy and free with no make up, confident in my own skin.’
Carla ,
‘I was lucky enough to be gifted an oncology facial by Emma through Something to look forward to and I have to say it was amazing. I have become nervous since being diagnosed with cancer but Emma made me feel so at ease and the facial was just what I needed. I will be booking again highly recommend to anyone.’
Kerry ,
‘I have been to Emma for many treatments. I found her very professional, considerate with excellent consultation skills. I have been on a brow growing program after many years of badly groomed brows. Emma has worked her magic and I now have brows that are perfect!! Highly Recommended.’
Sue ,
I recently had an appointment with the lovely Emma for scar therapy massage after having treatment for breast cancer. Honestly it was magical! Definitely felt like I was in safe hands, Emma had a lot of knowledge and experience. It made such a difference to my breast and my mental health. I have booked my next appointment.
Catharine ,
Met Emma through breast cancer navigators. What can I say, I am seeing Emma for Scar therapy and issues with lymph node surgery. After 2 visits there is a massive difference in the movement of my arm and the sensitivity from surgery. I don’t know what she does with her hands but she works wonders. I count the days to my next appointment.
Sarah-jane ,
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